Novavax COVID-19

Vaccine Clinical Trial

The trial will enrol up to 2,904 participants in South Africa, at a minimum of four different sites. Volunteers (potential participants) will be screened to determine if it is safe for them to join the study. Up to 5 days after the screening visit, volunteers who qualify will be enrolled and randomised into the trial.

To be randomised means that half of the trial participants are given the COVID-19 vaccine injection and half of the trial participants are given a placebo injection (a placebo is a ‘fake’ injection that will not be of any benefit to you and will not harm you). We will do this by a computer randomly assigning participants (like flipping a coin) to receive the vaccine or placebo.

You will not know whether you received the COVID-19 vaccine or placebo until the trial is completed. All participants will receive up to two doses of the vaccine or placebo, 21 days apart. All trial participants will be followed up regularly for about 1 year after their last vaccination.

You should not assume that the vaccine you receive in this trial will give you any protection against COVID-19.

Please note: as of 25 November 2020, screening and enrolment has been closed